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In Android you can store data in many different ways.

  • Shared Preferences - for key-value pairs, can be used for settings.
  • Internal Storage - for storing to the device's memory.
  • External Storage - for storing to the device's (shared) external storage.
  • SQLite Databases - for storing data in the app's private database.
  • Network Connection - for storing data on the web (over network).

SQLite Databases

It is assumed that you are familiar with Databases and SQLite. If you need to learn about these concepts or refresh your knowledge you can have a look at our Database book: Introduction to Databases

Instead of writing our own SQLite chapter we refer to AndroidSQLite by


Video channel: Android Storage

External videos

In the video turial Developing Android Apps, by Google, we recommend you watch the lesson "Storing Data in SQLite". In the videos Google is having a closer coupling between the database and the GUI than we use. Still, these videos gives you a good view on how to use SQLite in Android.


Source code

Github repository: AndroidStorer

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