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When writing material for programmaing education we do that under the name Juneday. We communicate using the media we like:

Why the name Juneday? In one of the episodes of the The Mighty Boosh radio series Bob Fossil (played by Rich Fulcher - one of the funniest persons ever) screams for help when a helicopter (or heli-chopper) is crashing. He screams Mayday Mayday... Juneday.

Original authors

Henrik and Rikard started this crazy project and are presented below.

Rikard Fröberg

Teaching and pedagogic experience (English)

Rikard's the one to the right - Photo: Henrik Sandklef, CC-BY-NC-SA
  • Teacher at Göteborg University, April-June 2017 (Systems Development Project, Systemvetenskapligt program)
  • Lecturer, Göteborg University June - December 2016 (Java - Information Technology and Information Systems, Systemvetenskapligt program)
  • Course development and teaching, Göteborg University 2015 (various courses, for instance on Java)
  • Producing didactic principles for teaching programming, Göteborgs University 2014-2015 (as a consultant for Morus kunsult AB)
  • Teacher (Yrkeshögskola - Higher Vocational Education) as a consultant for Morus konsult AB (current position)
    • Client programming ("Klientprogrammering") (2016 and 2017)
    • Systems integration ("Systemintegration") (2016 and 2017)
    • Development tools ("Utvecklingsverktyg") (2016)
    • Design patterns (In Java) (2016)
    • Databases ("Databashantering") (2016 and 2017)
    • Programming for software testers (Java and Bash - 2016, 2017)
  • Guest lecturer, Göteborg University, Various web programming, open data and more - several occasions 2014-2016
  • Guest lecturer, Jönköping's University, Open Data and open standards (2015 och 2016)
  • Seminar leader, Karolinska institutet, via Morus konsult AB, 2014, Creative Commons licenses and copyright
  • Teacher, Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning (Higher Vocational Education), Java, Webb, XML, shell programming (Bash) etc 2001-2003 via WM-Data
  • Teacher, Java programming at technical highschool 2003 via WM-Data
  • Teacher, Java, Sun Microsystem's certification preparatory course SL-275, 2001 - 2013 via WM-Data

Teaching and pedagogic experience (Swedish)

  • Universitetsadjunkt (lärare), Göteborgs universitet, April-Juni 2017 (Systemuvecklingsprojekt TIG059, Systemvetenskapligt program)
  • Universitetsadjunkt (lärare), Göteborgs universitet juni 2016 - december 2016 Java (Programvaruteknik för systemvetare)
  • Kursutveckling och undervisning, Göteborgs universitet 2015, diverse kurser, bland annat Java
  • Arbete med att ta fram didaktiska principer för programmeringsutbildning, Göteborgs universitet, 2014-2015 (via Morus konsult AB)
  • Lärare yrkeshögskola, Morus konsult AB, 2016 - (nuvarande)
    • Klientprogrammering (2016 och 2017)
    • Systemintegration (2016 och 2017)
    • Utvecklingsverktyg (2016)
    • Designmönster (2016)
    • Databashantering (2016 och 2017)
    • Programmering för mjukvarutestare (Java och Bash)
  • Gästföreläsare, Göteborgs universitet, Diverse webbteknik, öppna data med mera. Flertalet tillfällen 2014-2016
  • Gäsföreläsare, Jönköpings Högskola, öppna data och öppna standarder (2015 och 2016)
  • Seminariehållare för Karolinska institutet, via Morus konsult AB, 2014, Creative Commons-licenser och upphovsrätt
  • Lärare, Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning, Java, Webb, XML, Skalprogrammering (Bash) med mera 2001-2003 via WM-Data
  • Lärare, Java-programmering på tekniskt gymnasium 2003 via WM-Data
  • Lärare, Java Sun Microsystems certifieringsförberedande kurs 2001 - 2013 via WM-Data


  • Swedish
  • English
  • Java
  • bash (well, not exactly a language)
  • C

Fields of interest

Rikard likes to shoot photos, collect records and watch movies.

Image source CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Henrik Sandklef

Henrik has been writing code, as a professional and on spare time projects, since 1997. Most of his time has been spent in the telecom and embedded industries. He has been a Free Software developer, mainly for the GNU project and in FSFE.

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  • Swedish
  • English
  • C
  • Java
  • bash (well, not exactly a language)


... and a few more