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About this book

This book provides a short introduction to the command line interface using a terminal window and the bash shell. It is suitable as a first introduction to various computer related courses such as programming, databases and operating systems.

Trouble shooting

If you run into trouble while running the various scripts in this book, you can look at our FAQ for some common problems and their solutions.


Chapter completeness (for teachers)

Chapter Meta section completed Text and examples Videos (number of) Slides Exercises or questions
Bash:Bash-Installation Short Yes 0 0 0
Bash:Bash-introduction No Medium 5 lecture
vids + 4 live
1 (24 pages) 6
Bash:Bash_-_Files and Folders No Hardly any 1 (Swe, 0:08:22) 1 (7 pages) 16
Bash:Bash-structure Yes Hardly any 0 Lecture
vids + 2 live
0 3
Bash:Bash-Text files Yes Hardly any 2 Eng. lecture
vids (0:13:19) + 7 live
1 (9 pages) 18
Bash:Bash-Globbing No Yes None None None
Bash:Bash-Shell-Expansion No Some sections missing None None None
Bash:Bash-Standard streams Yes Yes 3 lecture
vids + 12 live
2 (11+16 pages) 4
Bash:Bash-Redirection Yes Hardly any 0 lecture
vids + 7 live
1 (12 pages) 5


Extra reading

Where to go next

The next page has information on how to install bash (if you are on Windows, for instance). « PreviousBook TOCNext »