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This chapter deals with the installation of bash. There is no lecture slides for this chapter, only text online with links and also live videos (screen casts) showing how to install Cygwin on Windows, and how to install additional software in Cygwin.


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Instructions to the teacher

This chapter deals with installing Cygwin on a windows environment. Students running MacOS or GNU/Linux may skip this chapter, or take the time to make sure they have all the tools installed and trying them out. By tools we mean the Unix commands such as:

  • bc
  • wget
  • tree
  • zip/unzip
  • some editor executable from the command line (e.g. making sure the editor is in the PATH)
  • and more (see list at the end of this chapter)

Common problems

All videos

All videos in this chapter:

See below for individual links to the videos.


Your environment

Your environment for the introduction to Bash course material consists of these parts:

  • Terminal environment with a Shell (e.g. Cygwin and bash)
  • Editor - e.g. Atom - a text editor for writing programs and text
    • Install Atom
    • For advanced users with a developing background and experience from using the command line in UNIX-like environments, we recommend emacs or vim (probably not a good idea for beginners).
  • Additional software (see below)

Additional software for bash-intro

Automatic installation of additional software

You will also need some additional software in this course which you can install in any of the two ways using a terminal:

Download script and execute
  1. Download our boot strap script for this course
    curl -o
  2. make the script executable
    chmod a+x
  3. and execute it (with verification - recommended)
    ./ --verify to skip verification, simply enter ./
Execute from web

curl | bash

Manual installation of additional software

The script above uses files containing a list of packages to install. Here are links to the packages file for each platform we support. Install the packages in these files:


  • Navigate through directories using ls, cd and pwd and create and remove directories and files using mkdir, rmdir and rm (eng)


No exercises.



This chapter has only "live videos" (screen casts where we show you how to install Cygwin) and no slides or lecture videos.

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