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No exercises here. This chapter about rules and syntax for exceptions is just for completeness for the students/readers who wants to know more about the syntax and rules for exceptions in Java. We will not expect you to know all these rules on an exam (if this book is used as a course), so you don't have to practice this unless you really want to. But you'll have to create your own exercises, then.

You are now done with the theory part of the Progamming in Java Book!

Well done and we hope you had a nice time enjoying it and that you learned a lot about programming in Java. You will need to do all the exercises, and make up a few of your own, in order to become more fluent in programming. It is never enough to read a book or attend lectures in order to master programming. Knowledge and skills comes from hard work, practicing programming. So get coding!

If you really long for more exercises, try Oracle's tutorial questions on Exceptions!


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The next page has a longer exercise (which could be used as an assignment): Java:Assignment - Guessing game. Consult with your teacher whether this assignment is voluntary or mandatory.

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