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For students

Students may download, read and use our materials as part of their courses and training. The license applies only if they use our material commercially or convey it to third parties.

For teachers and educators

You may use our materials (wiki texts, source code, videos) as long as you comply with the license terms described below.

License and terms

All texts on this wiki are published with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. This means that you can use this wiki as is, or copy and modify the texts for non-commercial purposes as long as you comply with the license terms. If you include material from this wiki in your own materials for teaching, that is OK as long as you comply with the license terms. Failing to comply with the license terms invalidates the license and means that you are violating our copyright.

The Creative Commons suite of licenses were made to make sharing and re-use easy. The only thing you have to do is to follow the license and clearly state (and link) the source of the material and apply the same license as we are using on your derivatives.

Commercial use is not permitted as per the license terms.

For use of the source code from our Github repos, see the licenses in the repos to see what terms apply. For use of our videos, see their respective licenses (CC BY-NC-ND). Our slides are not licensed at present.