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Groovy, or Apache Groovy, is an object-oriented programming language for the Java platform.


The environment needed for Groovy consists of these parts:

  • Terminal environment with a Shell (e.g. Cygwin and bash)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) - the Java programming environment
  • Groovy and additional software (see Additional software)
  • Editor - e.g. Atom - a text editor for writing programs and text
    • Install Atom
    • For advanced users with a developing background and experience from using the command line in UNIX-like environments, we recommend emacs or vim (probably not a good idea for beginners).

Additional software for prog-java

Automatic installation of additional software

You will also need some additional software in this course which you can install in any of the two ways using a terminal:

Download script and execute
  1. Download our boot strap script for this course
    curl -o
  2. make the script executable
    chmod a+x
  3. and execute it (with verification - recommended)
    ./ --verify to skip verification, simply enter ./
Execute from web

curl | bash

Manual installation of additional software

The script above uses files containing a list of packages to install. Here are links to the packages file for each platform we support. Install the packages in these files: