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This section teaches the student about potential risks and implications from sharing personal or private data on the web or via apps over the internet.


The purpose of this module is to make the student aware of the risks and implications of sharing her personal or even private data online and to make her think about the implications and how to protect herself from being exploited in various ways.


The should have a working knowledge of surfing the web, and using social media. A basic knowledge of using a browser, configuring it and installing plugins is also required. Also, the student should be able to install new browsers and other software on her computer.


The student shall after the completion of this module:

  • Be aware of what personal or private data she shares voluntarily or unknowingly via social media platforms and cloud services
  • Be able to reflect upon risks in relation to personal data
  • Know that there are strategies (from just being aware and somewhat restrictive with sharing data) and technical measures to help protect personal and private data

Instructions to the teacher

Common problems

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Reading instructions

Before taking on this module, we recommend that you read the following:

  • Kernighan
    • D is for Digital - Data Information and Privacy (pages 187-204) or:
    • Understanding the digital world - Data and Information (pages 183-202), Privacy and Security (pages 203-215)

After reading this module and watching the video lecture, you should move on to the exercises found at the bottom of this page. Note that there are quite a few links for further reading as well. On the exercise page, there are actually almost a hundred external links, so you should be well off, if you find some aspects of this topic interesting and want to deepen your knowledge!

Privacy on the web

Do you have an account at some social media service? Perhaps more than one? Then you have created an account and accepted the service's Terms and conditions and then filled in some personal information. After that, you have probably contributed with posts of text, photos, sound or perhaps video. You have also probably linked a lot of contacts to your account as "friends" or simply people you "follow".

All of the above constitutes personal data and can be rather private or at least personal information. Who you socialize and interact with or follow, what posts you "like" or react to, and what you contribute yourself is information that the provider collects and uses as part of their business model. Perhaps (probably!) they even sell this information to third parties to be used for targeted advertisement or profiling you as a (potential) customer of other services.

This module is about making you think about what you share voluntarily and involuntarily (unknowingly) and how easy it is for companies and other actors to build a profile of you on a rather personal level. Perhaps you didn't read the Terms of service? We'll discuss a little what's in those terms that you have accepted and what might be a problem with them.

We also discuss how you can be tracked by the services, even when you are not logged in to the social media platform. In fact, we also discuss that you can be tracked online (surfing the web) even without having a social media account! That might sound scary or even a bit paranoid at first, but it is something we feel you should be aware of, in particular nowadays, when we do practically everything online - from banking, to shopping, from booking travels to plan our trips, from reading the news to contributing with our own stories or reactions to other's news or posts.

Finally, we discuss a little about how one can protect oneself from being tracked and profiled, using strategies and technical measures.


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Further reading

Here are a few links for the ambitious and interested student. Note! There are many, many, more links after the exercises on the next page.

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