Introduction to computing

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Work in progress

Book under construction
This book is under construction and is planned to be done during 2018 - 2019.
NOTE: This book is scrapped. See instead: Introduction to IT and computing

Before reading this book

This book is intended as an introductory course to computers and computing. It is suitable as course literature for an introductory course on computing, IT or courses preparing for programming courses. It is good if you have some basic math skills and have some experience from using computers.

Intended audience

Anyone who wants to learn about computers and computing.


No particular formal requirements. Perhaps some high school mathematics, but don't let that scare you. The authors are not mathematicians and we won't go into detail on the mathematical aspects of computer science.


Moving on - What to read after finishing this book

We recommend:

Chapter completeness (for teachers)

Chapter Meta section completed Text and examples Videos (number of) Slides Exercises
Binary_representation NO Long text 8 + 5 videos 2 slides YES