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Work in progress

This chapter is a work in progress. Remove this section when the page is production-ready.


This chapter introduces you to JSON, a "language" for encoding data as text for data exchange between applications etc. After a short introduction to what JSON is, we also have a slide for an introduction to how to parse JSON from Java.

After reading the slides, read the further reading links so that you get a deeper understanding of the topics of this chapter.

When you have studied the topics, move on to the exercises in the next chapter (link below).

Slides and videos

This chapter contains three lectures:

1. JSON - Introduction

English videos

Swedish videos

2: Parsing Json from Java using javax.json and org.json

Swedish videos

English videos

English videos are on our TODO list. Here's the English slides, anyway:

3. Parsing JSON using org.json - specifically

English videos

Swedish videos

  • Swedish videos are on our TODO list.


Further reading


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