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The authors - Photo: Henrik Sandklef, CC-BY-NC-SA

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Books (more or less complete)


Introduces IT, computers, computing

Sample topics:

  • Computers and hardware
  • Digital representation - how binary works
  • Introduction to programming and software - a peek at what programming is
  • Working in the shell - An introduction to Bash and working in the terminal
  • Networks and protocols - How computers communicate over networks, and what they say to each other
  • Network command and tools - commands and tools for computer networking and communication
  • Using text editors - What is plain text, and how do we edit plain text files?
  • Introduction to Bash scripting - How to write small scripts to solve various tasks
  • HTML - The very basics of writing web pages in HTML
  • Privacy on the web - What to think about with regards to your personal data and privacy

Programming with Java

Learn how to program with Java.

Sample topics (subject to extension):

  • Computer introduction
  • Programming introduction
  • Setting up your environment
  • Programming in Java
  • Our first Java program
  • Variables and types
  • Expressions and operators
  • Control flow
  • Objects in Java
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Exceptions

This book is used in courses at the university as well as in higher vocational education (Yrkeshögskola).

More programming with Java

Learn more about how to program with Java

Sample topics:

Programming with C

Learn how to program with C.

Sample topics:

Android - the practical way

Learn how to develop programs for Android.

Introduction to Databases

Learn the basics of databases, SQL and SQLite


Learn how to use the bash shell in a command line environment (a terminal running bash) and the basics on writing scrips in bash

Introduction to web


Basic web skills taught here!


Programming with Servlets and stuff taught here!

Future books/Books in progress

  • Work in progress
  • This books introduces you to programming with the aim of preparing you for learning how to program in various languages. If you ever wondered what programming is, we hope and believe this is the book for you.

Miscellaneous lectures not yet in a book

Programming Courses

Links here go to proposed schedules for using one or more of the books as course literature

We also do customized courses and shorter one-off lectures.

Software Development

Programming Languages

Editor and IDEs


Computer and programming terms

We have a collection of terms explained on our Terms category page.

Student/Reader FAQ

Frequently asked questions

About this wiki

Basic details

Video lectures

Our material is based around video lectures and exercises. We publish the videos openly on Vimeo.

Source code

Our books and courses come with a lot of source code and examples. We publish the source code openly on github.