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Here we'll list slides for extra or "on demand" lectures which don't really fit into a book (not yet at least).

For occasions when we lack material because the students are quicker than we expected. So, bonus lectures so to speak.

Slides and/or Videos


Equals vs ==

Video: Explaining equals and ==

Other extra videos can be found in the channel: Java Extra

Comparable vs Comparator

Video: Java Extra - Explaining comparator and comparable

Other extra videos can be found in the channel: Java Extra

New stuff added to Java 7

Addresses Try-with-resources, multiple catch, Autoclosable, Paths, Files, etc.



  • ...


Networking (and web)

  • A Java Chat Server And Client 5 pages, TODO: find the chat server and client source code - you'll need it to give this lecture
  • Calling a service from a Java client Slides for a lecture on how to call a Servlet from a command line Java application, get either XML or JSON from the Servlet, and use a factory to get a parser for either XML or JSON, which creates a List<User> from the data. The main method gets the list, loops over it and prints each User to the standard out. 13 pages. (PDF, English)
  • Front-end - Back-end (PDF, English) Huge lecture (83 pages) on Front-ends and back-ends in a web application. Front-ends are HTML and AJAX-based. For back-ends, Servlets are used. The protocols used are HTTP with JSON and AJAX sent from the back-end. The lecture also includes an example with sending data from an HTML form to a servlet to be saved in a database. Creating JSON and XML from the Java back-end is also described in the lecture. 83 pages. Some parts of the lecture is specific to a guest lecture on the SysVP course on UX on Göteborg University. Technologies/key words: AJAX, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Web, Java, Servlet, JDBC, Dynamic content etc
  • ServerBackends in Java Lecture slides for the Server Back-ends in Java lecture. Addresses: HTML form used to query a servlet, CSV as a data type, Java client code accessing a web server (URLConnection etc), JAX-WS/SOAP. 32 pages. (PDF, English) Needs source code and a test-run.


  • TODO: Find the webservice with RMI/Soap and add here

Development tips

  • Separation of source code and class files SRC directory (PDF, English)



Static of non-static?

Lecture slides for the Static or non-static lecture. A short repetition for those who have forgotten when to use static and when not to, and what's the difference, anyway? Static or non-static 9 pages (PDF, English)

Java's new Date/Time API


Licenses and copyright copyleft

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Open data

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[Open] standards

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  • Lecture slides for the lecture Minimal introduction to AJAX (12 pages) MinimalIntroductionToAjax.pdf (PDF, English)
  • Lecture slides for the lecture on Ajax with XML for dynamically building an HTML table with student data. 10 pages. Ajax and XML (PDF, English)

Source code for the AJAX-examples can be found here in our github repository java-web.



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