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Niclas Nachtwij

Name: Niklas Nachtweij

Age: 31

Education: Systemvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet

Funniest moment in your carrier: Livedemo för en kommunledning som efter så mycket teknikstrul blev en parodi. Det är roligt på samma ont-i-magen-sätt som The Office, åtminstone såhär i efterhand.

Main programming language: TSQL, Python

Favorite editor: Sublime

Favorite datatype: Integer

Favorite annoyance: Kod som inte är indenterad.

Wish I knew how to...:Hur man manipulerar tiden så att jag fick loss mer tid på dygnet och hann läsa alla intressanta böcker som jag stackat upp med. Närmast, ”Enlightenment now” av Stephen Pinker.

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Det beror på syftet, måste jag välja så är det OO.

Podcast: intervju-med-niclas-nachtweij

Magnus Hagander

Name: Magnus Hagander

Age: 41. (Drat, should've postponed the interview until next year)

Education: Not-quite-complete Msc in computer science from KTH in Stockholm.

Funniest moment in your career: Funniest or funnest?

Main programming language: Does SQL count? Evenso, it's probably still Python, with SQL in second.

Favorite editor: Emacs (you had to go there..)

Favorite datatype: tstzrange

Favorite annoyance: Tabs vs spaces!

Wish I knew how to...: Make a UI that doesn't look like crap when I build my own simple webapps (or other apps for that regard)

OO, functional, imperative... or?: declarative? Or just an unholy mix.


Mikko Hellsing

Name: Mikko Hellsing

Age: 42

Education: Datateknik CTH/Matetatikprogrammet GU Drop out

Funniest moment in your carrier: People trying to explain their brilliant ideas for revolutionary products that I should code for them

Main programming language: Python

Favorite editor: Vim

Favorite datatype: Dict

Favorite annoyance: Linux Desktop

Wish I knew how to...: ML and DSP programming

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Imperative

Jozsef Csongvai and Johan Lorentzon

Jozsef Csongvai

Name: Jozsef Csongvai

Age: 31

Education: Java Enterprise (YH), Bachelor of science in business & economics

Funniest moment in your carrier: once named a reference to a JSON Transporter object: jsonStatham

Main programming language: Java

Favorite editor: IntelliJ for java, VS Code for basically anything else.

Favorite datatype: THC is mindblowing. (Typesafe Heterogeneous Container)

Favorite annoyance: NullPointerException

Wish I knew how to...: write code in assebly language

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Love the concept of functions as first class citizens, and hope to go all-in functional some day. Until then, I'm quite happy with a balanced and somewhat contradictory mix of OO and functional.


Johan Lorentzon

Name: Johan Lorentzon

Age: 31

Education: Almost Bachelor degree in Construction Engineering. Made the classic ”mistake” of starting to work too soon. Java Enterprise 2 år (ni professorer vet väl kanske vad en sådan utbildning på YH heter på engelska?)

Funniest moment in your carrier: Chaned ownership of / on my workstation first day of work and asked devops why my shit wasn’t working

Main programming language: Java

Favorite editor: VS Code (Javascript) IntelliJ (Java)

Favorite datatype: JSON, Optional

Favorite annoyance: People chewing with open mouths. I mean, what the f?

Wish I knew how to...: Make a computer game

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Must I choose? Java with streams and Lambda. Do not have that much knowledge about imperative yet, some from Javascript and I really like the immutability approach you need in imperative.


Patrik Willard

Name: Patrik Willard

Age: 36 or something...

Education: Bachelor degree (The programme was Software Engineering and Management @ ITU, but didn't complete some of the necessary courses to get a "BSc in applied IT" or whatever the title would have been)

Funniest moment in your carrier: First of all, I have to be /that/ guy... s/carrier/career/ Secondly, do you really mean funniest, or more like "happiest/most rewarding"? Funniest: got to experience a "bedlam-dl4"-style "reply-all" mail storm Happiest: the realization that the impostor syndrome guilt I'd been carrying around was mostly unfounded.

Main programming language: Python, hands down, for reasons such as:

  • Batteries included (cue relevant xkcd 353)
  • The whitespace thing (indented code is readable code)

Python simply made programming fun again, and that's what I write mostly, both at work and privately.

Favorite editor: That would be Vim (but before I start a religious war, let it be known that if I were logged onto a system that had vi, emacs, sed, ed, and nano, I'd pick emacs, sed, nano or ed, in that order, before using vi.)

Favorite datatype: Shit I don't know... it it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... y'know? Otherwise I guess booleans are pretty cool.

Favorite annoyance: Managers and/or other decision makers having no clue about the decisions they're making, or how it affects others.

Wish I knew how to...: plan my time better.

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Most of the stuff I write tend to be imperative. I might create a class here and there, but usually they end up being more of "data-containers-with-some-useful-processing-functions-attached", rather than something layered with interfaces and the likes.



Daniel Stenberg

Daniel was interviewed over mobile phone in September 14, 2017

Name: Daniel Stenberg

Age: I'm 46 years old.

Education: Totally uneducated - well, lack of formal education. I only did twelve years of school (ie I never attended university). After I got a my first job (at IBM) things just took off and I never looked back again.

My computer education started out with Basic and assembly on the C64 and subsequently C on the Amiga. Of course I've never stopped being interested in computers, technology and software development so I've kept reading, trying, learning, programming on spare time and at work ever since.

Funniest moment in your career: I've had many really good moments in my carrier. Some of the most recent ones include:

  • When I was hired to work for Mozilla in 2014, turning my spare time programming and hobby into my full time work.
  • When I recently realized my code (curl) runs in virtually every Mercedes car model. (and BMW, Audi, Nissan, VW, ...)


Main programming language:

I would say C. That's the language I've written the most code in and the one I still use most. C++ is a contender since that's what the core parts of Firefox is written in that I work with at my day job, but I often find myself fighting the ++ parts than I really like them so I prefer to stick to C...

Favorite editor: Emacs! I learned my first baby steps with emacs back around 1991 on my first unix-related work and it has been with me since. I feel at home and I consider myself fairly productive using it. I don't try out new editors and I don't see myself ever switching away to something else.

Favorite datatype: I think I would have to say 'unsigned char' purely based on its simplicity and the fact that it is always 8 bits on all currently existing platforms and compilers. Also a type that is small enough that things like integer overflows are immediately visible and impactful so we need to deal with them, while they tend to be forgotten or ignored much easier on the larger data types (that then also have the bad style of changing sizes for different targets).

Favorite annoyance: When people who have a question or an issue with an open source that I am involved with, email me privately to ask about it or request some action from me. Things related to public open source projects should be kept on the mailing lists or the bug trackers as far as possible!

This happens almost daily these days and I almost always reply to ask the user to instead use a mailing list or a bug tracker...

Wish I knew how to...:

Oh, I basically wish I would be better at everything I do. Perhaps in particular some of the "softer" areas like dealing with humans and why not my English writing skills and vocabulary. But I also think I actually do improve in several areas over time, so if I'll just live long enough...

OO, functional, imperative... or?: The right tool for the right job, I think. But for me personally, I tend to pick the jobs that goes wells with the tools I like... I'm conservative when it comes to languages etc so I basically stick to the languages I've used for a long time and practically do not try out new ones. So, imperative without too much OO for me please. Stirred gently on a unix stove. =)


Johan Thelin

Johan was interviewed at his company: August 25, 2017

Podcast: Interview with Johan Thelin

Name: Johan Thelin

Age: 38 (born 1979)

Education: MSc E.E., or as the exam says, Civilingenjör. Studied at Chalmers.

Funniest moment in your career: Funny as in laughable might have been when something failed spectacularly (I cannot remember anything specific that works out of context right now).

My most enjoyable moments usually are the end of the worst moments. Showing a great demo at CES after having done a real crunch over Christmas, or seeing my writing in print after having worked on it for more than a year.

Main programming language: C++

Favorite editor: QtCreator, kate and vim, depending on what I do.

Favorite datatype: I like the nibble. Almost forgotten.

Favorite annoyance: Using the wrong tool for the wrong problem. Currently, I really despise desktop programs based on web frameworks. How could I do DTP on a single megabyte if you need half a gigabyte to show instant messages?

Wish I knew how to...: Manage my time properly and finish my tasks on time :-)

OO, functional, imperative... or?: Depends on the task. I tend to think in data structures and how to modify them. Sometimes it makes sense to wrap that into objects, sometimes it does not.

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