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About the software we use

We use Free Software / Open Source since we want to encourage our students to learn about and get used to using such software.

Preparing your computer

GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu)

Make sure your distribution is upgraded properly.

Debian, Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Fedora (and most likely RedHat)

sudo dnf update


Install The MacPorts Project

Note: make sure that the command port can be found using the PATH variable. Try typing port version. If you see something like Version: 2.3.5 you're fine.


Install cygwin. It is important that you install the cygwin packages curl, wget, unzip, make.

Installing the software and our material

On your OS

GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu), MacOS and almost on Windows (running cygwin)

You can download needed software and get all our material using a script. You can use this script in two ways.

Note: If you're using Windows you need to do the below steps in a cygwin terminal. So make sure you have install cygwin. You need curl, git, make, lynx and unzip as additional cygwin package. You don't need the additional cygwin packages listed on the Cygwin page since these will be installed automatically.

Note: The script below does not install all required software (e. g. a c compiler) on MacOS

Note: if the installation for some reason fails, remove the file apt-cyg (by typing rm /usr/local/bin/apt-cyg), make sure you have installed the additional cygwin packages (see above) and try again.

Download script and execute
  1. Start up a terminal (i.e. launch cygwin).
  2. Download our boot strap script
     curl -o
  3. make the script executable
      chmod a+x
  4. and execute it
Execute from web

Type the following in a terminal:

curl | bash

Prepared VirtualBox image

We have prepared a VirtualBox image with all our software and educational material pre-installed. You can download it here soon.