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Videos on your channels don't play as a playlist

If you go to one of our vimeo channel pages and start playing the first video in, say, a lecture in three parts, then after the first video finishes, the "next" video as proposed by Vimeo is unfortunately not the next video in the channel.

This is unfortunate and we struggle to understand why Vimeo has implemented channels this way. The natural thing would be to have the next video of the channel as the "next" video to play after viewing the first one.

You can work around this by adding /couchmode/ to the URL just before "/channels/".


This is the link to a channel about APIs. The URL to the channel is . Now, change the URL to and watch all videos in the lecture as a playlist in fullscreen and in the correct order.

We will convert the channel links as quickly as we can to use the couchmode, but we have quite a lot on our TODO.