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When writing material intended for programming education, we (Henrik Sandklef and Rikard Fröberg) do that under the name Juneday. We communicate using the media we like:

Why the name Juneday? In one of the episodes of the The Mighty Boosh radio series, Bob Fossil (played by Rich Fulcher - one of the funniest persons ever) screams for help when a helicopter (or heli-chopper, as Bob so aptly puts it) he is riding is about to crash. He screams "Mayday Mayday... Juneday!"

See below for how to contact us.

Want to use our material?

All texts on this wiki are published with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. This means that you can use this wiki as is, or copy and modify the texts for non-commercial purposes as long as you comply with the license terms. If you include material from this wiki in your own materials for teaching, that is OK as long as you comply with the license terms. Failing to comply with the license terms invalidates the license and means that you are violating our copyright.

The Creative Commons suite of licenses were made to make sharing and re-use easy. The only thing you have to do is to follow the license and clearly state (and link) the source of the material and apply the same license as we are using on your derivatives.

Commercial use is not permitted as per the license terms.

For use of the source code from our Github repos, see the licenses in the repos to see what terms apply. For use of our videos, see their respective licenses (CC BY-NC-ND). Our slides are not licensed at present.


Drop us an email if you have something on your mind, or just want to say hi!

firstname.lastname at

Original authors

Henrik and Rikard started this crazy project and are presented below.

Rikard Fröberg

Teaching and pedagogic experience (English)

Rikard's the one to the right - Photo: Henrik Sandklef, CC-BY-NC-SA
  • Teacher at Göteborg University (current full-time position)
    • 2019 (Programming and databases) (Course leader)
    • 2019 (Systems Development Project, Systemvetenskapligt program) (Supervision, supervising supervisors, teaching, etc)
    • 2018 (Java - Information Technology and Information Systems)
    • 2018 (Programming and databases) (Course leader)
    • 2018 (Systems Development Project, Systemvetenskapligt program)
    • 2017 (Java - Information Technology and Information Systems)
    • 2017 (Systems Development Project, Systemvetenskapligt program)
    • 2016 (Java - Information Technology and Information Systems, Systemvetenskapligt program)
  • Course development and teaching, Göteborg University
    • 2015 (various courses, for instance on Java)
    • 2014-2015 Producing didactic principles for teaching programming, Göteborg University (as a consultant for Morus konsult AB)
  • Teacher (Yrkeshögskola - Higher Vocational Education) as a consultant for Morus konsult AB
    • (2017) Databases for web developers
    • (2016, 2017) Programming for software testers (Java and Bash)
    • (2016, 2017) Client programming ("Klientprogrammering")
    • (2016, 2017) Systems integration ("Systemintegration")
    • (2016, 2017) Design patterns (In Java) (Course leader)
    • (2016, 2017) Databases ("Databashantering") (Course leader)
    • (2016) Development tools ("Utvecklingsverktyg")
  • Guest lecturer, Göteborg University
    • (2014-2016) Various web programming, open data and more - several occasions
  • Guest lecturer, Jönköping's University
    • (2015, 2016) Open Data and open standards
  • Various teachings
    • (2014) Seminar leader, Karolinska institutet, Creative Commons licenses and copyright, via Morus konsult AB
    • (2001-2013) Teacher, Java, Sun Microsystem's certification preparatory course SL-275, at various occations, via WM-Data
    • (2003) Teacher, Java programming at technical high school, via WM-Data
    • (2001-2003) Teacher, Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning (Higher Vocational Education), Java, Web, XML, shell programming (Bash) etc via WM-Data

Teaching and pedagogic experience (Swedish)

LO GUeng cenSV.jpg
  • Universitetsadjunkt (lärare), Göteborgs universitet, September 2017 (Kursansvarig Programmeringsteknik och Databaser TIG058 2018, 2019, Systemvetenskapligt program samt lärare på diverse kurser) - Nuvarande anställning
  • Universitetsadjunkt (lärare), Göteborgs universitet, April-Juni 2017 (Systemuvecklingsprojekt TIG059, Systemvetenskapligt program)
  • Universitetsadjunkt (lärare), Göteborgs universitet juni 2016 - december 2016 Java (Programvaruteknik för systemvetare)
  • Kursutveckling och undervisning, Göteborgs universitet 2015, diverse kurser, bland annat Java
  • Arbete med att ta fram didaktiska principer för programmeringsutbildning, Göteborgs universitet, 2014-2015 (via Morus konsult AB)
  • Lärare yrkeshögskola, Morus konsult AB, 2016 - (nuvarande)
    • Klientprogrammering (2016 och 2017)
    • Systemintegration (2016 och 2017)
    • Utvecklingsverktyg (2016)
    • Designmönster (2016 och 2017)
    • Databashantering (2016 och 2017)
    • Programmering för mjukvarutestare (Java och Bash)
  • Gästföreläsare, Göteborgs universitet, Diverse webbteknik, öppna data med mera. Flertalet tillfällen 2014-2016
  • Gäsföreläsare, Jönköpings Högskola, öppna data och öppna standarder (2015 och 2016)
  • Seminariehållare för Karolinska institutet, via Morus konsult AB, 2014, Creative Commons-licenser och upphovsrätt
  • Lärare, Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning, Java, Webb, XML, Skalprogrammering (Bash) med mera 2001-2003 via WM-Data
  • Lärare, Java-programmering på tekniskt gymnasium 2003 via WM-Data
  • Lärare, Java Sun Microsystems certifieringsförberedande kurs 2001 - 2013 via WM-Data


  • Swedish
  • English
  • Java
  • bash (well, not exactly a language)
  • C
  • SQL

Fields of interest

Rikard likes to shoot photos, collect records and watch movies.

Image source CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Henrik Sandklef

Henrik has been writing code, as a professional and on spare time projects, since 1997. Most of his time has been spent in the telecom and embedded industries. He has been a Free Software developer, mainly for the GNU project and in FSFE.

20160719 170648.jpg


  • Swedish
  • English
  • C
  • Java
  • bash (well, not exactly a language)


... and a few more