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Bash Programming

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About this book

This book provides a deeper look at the command line interface using a terminal window and the bash shell. It is suitable as for people who want to learn more about the bash shell, shell scripts and the POSIX/UNIX environment, working in the command line.

The book's pages are prefixed "MoreBash:" for historical reasons. Ideally, they should be moved (leaving a redirect behind) to pages having the prefix "BashProgramming:" instead.

Trouble shooting

If you run into trouble while running the various scripts in this book, you can look at our FAQ for some common problems and their solutions.

Your environment

Your environment for the Programming with Java programming book consists of these parts:

  • Additional software (see below)

Additional software for bash-intro

Automatic installation of additional software

You will also need some additional software in this course which you can install in any of the two ways using a terminal:

Download script and execute
  1. Download our boot strap script for this course
    curl -o
  2. make the script executable
    chmod a+x
  3. and execute it (with verification - recommended)
    ./ --verify to skip verification, simply enter ./
Execute from web

curl | bash

Manual installation of additional software

The script above uses files containing a list of packages to install. Here are links to the packages file for each platform we support. Install the packages in these files:


All pages should have working "previous | next" links. Please report if they don't.

See also:

Chapter completeness (for teachers)

Chapter Meta section completed Text and examples Videos (number of) Slides Exercises or questions
MoreBash:Output and return No No 2 1
(21 pages)
MoreBash:Control flow No Yes
(7 pages)
1 lecture (Swe) 1 (22 pages) 15
MoreBash:Scripts - Introduction No Short 2 lecture (Swe) 2
(13+34 pages)
5 short
MoreBash:Declare - Typing variables No Short 1 Lecture (Eng) 1
(8 pages)
1 short
MoreBash:Functions - Introduction No Short 2 Eng. lecture 1
(11 pages)
MoreBash:Tools No Yes
0 0 24
(Included a page)
MoreBash:Scripts - Network Tools No Yes
7 pages
3 Swe. Lecture 1
(37 pages)

Completeness degree:

  • This course material 43% completed for English audiences. That measure is counting: Meta-section, intro text/examples, English videos, slides, exercises,
  • This course material 54% completed for Swedish audiences. That measure is counting: Meta-section, intro text/examples, Swedish videos, slides, exercises,
  • Meta-sections: 0% completed
  • intro text/examples: 43% completed
  • Eng. videos: 29% completed
  • Swe. or Eng. videos: 86% completed
  • Slides: 86% completed
  • Exercises: 57% completed