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New Pages

Updated with new download instructions


New pages:

New programming term:

New FAQ entry:


  • weekly #03 (TIG015): added some hints on how to download on macos



  • Added "(except for local variables)" to presentation (pdf) in chapter Variables and types in Java.
  • Added subtitle in videos (swe and eng) to reflect the above:
    • vimeo advanced --> upload (lang: english, type: subtitle)
    • vimeo basic: change languge to English (Canadian)
    • Srt example
00:00:11,150 --> 00:00:21,109
Note: Only local variables get a default value

00:01:00,150 --> 00:01:10,109
Note: Only local variables get a default value


  • Added FAQ entry on "permission denied"

2016-10-24 - 2017-09-05

We've been sloppy writing the Changelog :(


New stuff

  • English videos for the chapter Exceptions are done, which means the entire chapter is done for translation to Arabic


  • Work started on assignment number 3
  • Work started on the written exam

The last to bullets concludes the book and everything else (videos, exam)


English videos for Exceptions are still pending, but the whole wiki page and the slides can be translated to Arabic:

  • Slides for Exceptions Done and linked from the chapter page
  • Descriptions for Exceptions are done
  • Meta section for Exceptions are done
  • Exercises and proposed solutions for the Exceptions chapter are done
  • TODO: English videos for the chapter sections pending and work in progress - eta 2016-10-21 (some Swedish videos exist, though)


Fixed bugs

  • Chapter:Inheritance, it is possible to extend ..
    • exercise #02 updated text and new zip-file containing sample files added
  • Chapter:Interfaces
    • Book implements Comparable<Book> instead of Comparable.... so sorry for that!!


New material

Chapter:Interfaces new videos (writing your own...). This means all videos are done/uploaded.


Fixed bugs

  • Interface, exercise (and solution) 4 fixed. The error is not a compilation error, but rather a runtime error. We changed from ArrayList to Array.


New material

Chapter:Inheritance ready for translation to Arabic


Fixed bugs

  • Inheritance, Every class extends Object, solution to exercise 10 corrected:
    public Team(String name) { = name;
        this.members = new ArrayList<>();  <------ ADDED TODAY ... SORRY!!!


Fixed bugs

  • Classes II -> Exercises on declaring constructors -> 3: The instructions were faulty and changed/updated.


New stuff

  • Added links to zip archive and git repo to solutions in Classes II


New template for easier adding links to source code solutions: Template:SolutionSource

dir - directory in zip or VCS

zip - zip archive containing source code

vcs - name of vcs type (e.g git)

vcs-link - link/url to vcs

Example use:



Made Chapter:_Classes_II#Exercises_on_declaring_constructors, Exercises on declaring constructors, exercises 2 & 3 a bit (hopefully) clearer


Chapter Classes III ready for translation


Added pages:

Renamed pages:


Exercises in Chapter:Classes (Starting_point_of_a_program) has been updated along with the solutions.


Handin 2 ready for translation


Bugs fixed/code improved

In Chapter:Control_flow we added a not on pseudo code:

  • Note: this is so called pseudo code. It can't be compiled. The idea is that you shall focus on studying the if statement. No compilation is needed or possible.


Updated Chapter:Control_flow with links to the Block pdf

Chapter:_Classes_II is ready for translation


Updated exercise in Chapter:Objects_in_Java.

Creating Objects exercises. Corrected code to the below:

if(args.length > 3 ){
      System.out.println("fourth argument was: " + args[3]);


Bugs fixed/code improved

  • Assignment 1 - task 2. We added code examples for reading input from the user, when there is no System.console() (like with Eclipse or cygwin under windows) - The code shows simplistic code for using a Scanner( instead.


Chapter:Classes ready for translation






  • Added text for Assignment 1 - Guessing game
  • Added links from the assignment text to the source code files on github:
    • The class Guesser which the students should finish - it contains unfinished code (this is the main part of the assignment)
    • which is a test program the students optionally can use to test if the constructor they've written works
    • which is a skeleton for the optional task 3


  • Descriptions reviewed and OK

This chapter is now OK to translate. Note that this chapter is already translated but we've added descriptions to each section (as per request).


  • Descriptions reviewed and OK

This chapter is now ready for translation. Note that this chapter is already translated but we've added descriptions to each section (as per request).



Notes to translators

  • added description of "operator"
  • added description of "expression"


Notes to translators

  • added description of "while"
  • added description of "if"
  • added description of "for"

These changes need to be reviewed before "ok to translate".

Minor changes

  • started working on a new script translating exercises from the old markdown format to the mediawiki format.
  • testing the script using Chapter:C Pointers


Notes to translators

Changes made 2016-08-06 in Chapter:Variables_and_types have been reviewed and are ready for translation.

Schedule for TIG015 published

  • Draft schedule for the course TIG015 published
  • This draft can be used by Jamiya as a template for the Java book given during ~10 weeks

Draft schedule for Jamiya published

Jamiya (ready for review, Rikard do yer stuff)



Notes to translators

  • removed empty section "Concepts"
  • added description of "type"
  • added description of "variables"
  • added description of "declaration"
  • added description of "assignment"
  • added description of "type cast"


Minor changes

  • Added some video links to chapter 9, Objects in Java

Major changes

  • Added Questions and Answers to chapter 9, Objects in Java (hidden by default, you must collapse it to see them)


Major changes

Added a section with video lectures to chapter 9, Objects in Java, about reading the online Java API. Added two videos where we live code one of the exercises (

2016-07-11 -- 2016-07-16

Notes to Jamiya project translators

I added Questions and Answers sections to chapters 1-8 as per request on a phone meeting. Since you have already translated those chapters and we don't want to retrofit new materials into chapters marked as "ready for translation" we will view these additions as extra (bonus) material. You may choose to translate them and add them to your material if you want of course. We added them as "click to see" material hidden by default. We agree with the conclusion of the phone meeting, that it would be good to have questions and answers for the students and the teacher/tutor to get the students started in verbal interactions after seeing the videos and doing the exercises.

We understand, however, that it might be frustrating to the translators if we add new materials to the chapters 1-8 which were marked as "ready for translation". This is why we make this point of stressing that this is bonus material and it is hidden to the viewer until she clicks "Expand". You must synchronize with the project management before making any decisions whether to translate also these new sections and retrofit them into the previously translated material.

We consider it "take it or leave it" material for now.

The chapter 9, Objects in Java chapter, is not quite ready for translation yet. The first video lectures are ready but we plan to add one video lecture on how to read the online Java API documentation. So until otherwise notified, hold on to translating chapter 9!

The solutions to the exercises in chapter 9 are based on explanations of the source code the students are to copy (read and write themselves). There are a few open exercises called "challenges" which don't have any source code given with the exercise text (they are open for the students to try and write from scratch).

But the majority of the solutions are annotated explanations of the program source code the students are given to write and save, compile and run. Since these explanations are quite extensive, it is probably wise to translate them carefully and try to keep the formatting since many keywords and code snippets are formatted to indicate "code".

Major changes

  • Wrote exercises and solutions to the Objects in Java chapter (need review and OK from Henrik)
  • Wrote source code solutions and uploaded to github
  • Added Questions and Answers sections to chapters 1-8 (as a section at the end, with the text hidden by default for expansion on demand)


Major changes


Major changes


  • More info in Atom on the editor page

Minor changes

  • lots



Chapter:Programming in Java Ready for translation

  • exercises and solutions added
  • Videos ready since the day before



Chapter:Setting_up_your_environment ready for translation

New document on the course material

We have written a document describing the material, intended use etc in hopes of clarifying what texts and materials are expected to be translated. We hope it will help everyone plan the translation process as well as understand how we intend the material to be used in the course.



Ready for translation to Arabic:




  • Fixed some minor wordings etc //Rikard
  • I marked it all OK in the status matrix //Rikard


Rikard's changes:

  • Added text to the meta-introduction
  • Made Chapter videos a level two section (apart from the meta section)
  • Added a few exercises with operator precedence (* versus +) and the use of parentheses
  • Added external links

I think it's ready too. One comment: It's a little hard to see the difference between the exercises for operators and the exercises for expressions. At this point they are the same. Perhaps we only need one exercise section for the whole chapter? //Rikard


Rikard's changes

  • Added Primitiva typer i Java to the Vimeo channel "Variabler och typer" (the Swedish channel for this chapter)
  • Added suggested play order for the Swedish channel
  • Removed the links to the "primitive types" videos in the chapter section "Chapter videos/all videos" since they are included in the channels for this chapter
  • Added a small text on integer and floating point literals and their default types (int versus double) in the description section.
  • Changed the introductory text of the exercise so that it sounds less generic
  • Noted that the link to the section Variables presentation lead to the wrong file. The presentation seems to be missing.
  • Changed the wording of some exercises not to mention and contrast with the C programming language (I don't think such comparisons help novice students with no knowledge of C)
  • Added links to the Java primitive types section of the chapter




  • added link to statement (unwritten page)
  • various fixes
  • Added GitHub repo:
  • IF
    • Added solution suggestions for if exercise 4 & 5 to git
    • Added repo links to example code in solutions section
    • Added exercises and solution suggestions
    • Added repo links to exercises #06 code in solutions section
    • Added exercises and solution suggestions
    • Added repo links to exercises [1] code in solutions section
  • Misc
    • Removed useless comments/sections

I suggest we mark this whole chapter as ready


  • added links to Swedish videos
  • Vimeo: grouped Swedish "Expression and operators" videos in vimeo. Group called: Uttryck och operatorer.
  • linked vimeo group Uttryck och operatorer under Videos on page
  • typos and errors in exercises fixed

I suggest we mark this whole chapter as ready



  • added video links
  • pdf link directly after video links
  • moved intro/motivation/purpose from this section to chapter instead
  • removed exercises (not needed imo)

I suggest we mark this whole chapter as ready


Started looking at a wikibook on Java Programming. It's not a book for beginners but some of the pages might be useful. (e.g statements).

Decision to make / TODOs

  • should we put presentation (pdf) in a subsection by itself or link to it after the list of videos?

Example #01 (without headers)

Presentation (pdf)


Assignment (eng) (swe)

Example #02 (without headers)


Assignment (eng) (swe) (download presentation pdf)

Henrik votes for the latter


New lecture outline:

New stuff ready for translation:

Chapter Objects, videos (7-8 videos) and pdf:s are linked on the wiki page

This chapter had to be rewritten since we had references to computer games (weapons, health, death, ...) which felt rather awkward given the background of our students. This is the biggest chapter so we feel good about the progress.



Control flow

Expressions and operators

Variables and types

Variables and types in Java