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This course material is intended for introductory and preparatory courses on IT, computing and computers.


Intended audience

Students in secondary high school, higher vocational education or university. It aims to lay a solid foundation in applied IT, computing and working with computers.

The course material is targeted to prepare students for courses in computing, programming, databases, and systems administration.


We don't see any formal educational requirements before taking a course using this course material, but we recommend students and teachers to prepare by installing some software and computing environments, in order to get started quickly with the lectures and exercises.


We have divided the course material into various modules which we call chapters. The list of chapters here is our suggested order for using this course material.

Chapter completeness (for teachers)

Chapter Meta section completed Text and examples Videos (number of) Slides Exercises
Introduction to the course material NO NO NO videos NO slides NO exercises
Setting up your computer environment Some text NO meta NO videos NO slides NO exercises
Computers and hardware NO NO NO videos NO slides NO exercises
Digital_representation_-_Binary NO Long text 8 + 5 videos 2 slides YES
Software_and_programming_introduction inclusion of other page inclusion of other page inclusion of other page inclusion of other page inclusion of other page
Networks_and_protocols NO YES (10 pages) NO videos NO slides NO exercises
HTML inclusion of other page NO meta NO videos NO slides NO exercises
Privacy_on_the_web Some text - could need more NO meta NO videos NO slides NO exercises


Compendium (Swedish)

You can download the Swedish compendium (suitable as supplementary literature for this course material) here:

Recommended course literature

We recommend Kernighan, Brian W. 2011. D Is for Digital: What a Well-Informed Person Should Know about Computers and Communications, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 9781463733896 as main literature for the course. You can purchase the book online. Here are some examples of online bookstores selling the book:


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