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Java Web programming

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This book contains topics related to web programming in Java, such as:

  • Servlets
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Web services
  • HTTP related Java stuff

Before you read this book, make sure you have some basic understanding about web and web concepts. We have an introductory book for that: Introduction to web.

Trouble shooting

If you run into trouble while running the various scripts in this book, you can look at our FAQ for some common problems and their solutions.



Other material related to Java web programming

Some old lectures and guest lectures

JSON-XML client

  • Calling a service from a Java client Slides for a lecture on how to call a Servlet from a command line Java application, get either XML or JSON from the Servlet, and use a factory to get a parser for either XML or JSON, which creates a List<User> from the data. The main method gets the list, loops over it and prints each User to the standard out. 13 pages. (PDF, English) - Given as a Guest lecture in the course TIG164 at Gothenburg University


Huge lecture (83 pages) on Front-ends and back-ends in a web application. Front-ends are HTML and AJAX-based. For back-ends, Servlets are used. The protocols used are HTTP with JSON and AJAX sent from the back-end. The lecture also includes an example with sending data from an HTML form to a servlet to be saved in a database. Creating JSON and XML from the Java back-end is also described in the lecture. 83 pages. Some parts of the lecture is specific to a guest lecture on the SysVP course on UX on Göteborg University. Technologies/key words: AJAX, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Web, Java, Servlet, JDBC, Dynamic content etc - Given as a Guest lecture in the course TIG164 at Gothenburg University

Server backends in Java

Lecture about Server Back-ends in Java. This lecture addresses: HTML form used to query a servlet, CSV as a data type, Java client code accessing a web server (URLConnection etc), JAX-WS/SOAP. 32 pages. Needs source code and a test-run. - Given as a Guest lecture in the course TIG164 at Gothenburg University



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