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It's easy to get overconfident when writing a lot of texts and exercises. Errors inevitably sneak in, and Henrik and Rikard are not better than any other authors of course materials. Luckily for Henrik and Rikard, a lot of brilliant people (students and colleagues and others) are better at spotting errors than the authors, which has greatly improved this wiki!

A big thanks to the following people for kind support, help and/or bug reports. Apologies for all others who have helped not listed here. Contact the authors if you feel left out!




  • Felix Bellak: for bug reporting on exercises in Classes III
  • Emil Eskång for general bugfixin' in Classes III
  • Emile Cousin for general bugfixin' in Classes III
  • Jonathan Pierre for bugfixing exercises in Classes III
  • Marcus Stenberg for general bugfixing in Java
  • Sebastian Angin for general bugfixing in Java
  • Markus Lidrot for finding a bug in Assignment #01 in the C course.