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This book is a work in progress

This book is being written and is not yet completed. Feel free to dive in and start reading anyway. Of course all feedback is welcome by the Authors.


This book is a follow-up to our first book on Java, Programming with Java. It can be used for self-studies, or as course literature for a second Java course (a course which would follow an introductory Java course).

Regards from the authors: Rikard Fröberg and Henrik Sandklef

Before reading this book

Intended audience

Any one with basic knowledge of Java and programming, who wants to learn a little more about Java and some slightly more advanced topics.


This book assumes you have knowledge of the Java programming language and some experience from writing programs using Java. If you feel that you need to freshen up your Java knowledge before starting with this book, we recommend our first Java book, Programming with Java. The chapters related to JDBC (database connectivity) require basic knowledge about SQL and SQLite. You can freshen up your SQL skills by reading our book Introduction to Databases.


Java standard API

Java Language

Design patterns in Java

Database and JDBC related

Extra lectures

GUI programming in Java


We'll add pages about JavaFX as soon as we have learned and used it enough ;-)



  • Current size: 15 pages when printed
  • 7 chapters
  • 5 lecture slides
    • 102 pages presentations (7+15+22+21+37)
  • 1376 lines of code in examples
  • 22 videos in 2 channels (so far)


Bonus/extra materials on Swing:


Comparable vs Comparator

Note: Other extra videos can be found in the channel: Java Extra

  • TODO: Slides, wiki page

Development tips

Equals vs ==

Logging (custom logger)

New stuff added to Java 7

Addresses Try-with-resources, multiple catch, Autoclosable, Paths, Files, etc.

Network programming

  • A Java Chat Server And Client 5 pages
    • TODO: find the chat server and client source code - you'll need it to give this lecture
    • TODO: Videos
  • Calling a service from a Java client
    • Description: Slides for a lecture on how to call a Servlet from a command line Java application, get either XML or JSON from the Servlet, and use a factory to get a parser for either XML or JSON, which creates a List<User> from the data. The main method gets the list, loops over it and prints each User to the standard out. 13 pages. (PDF, English)
    • TODO: Video
    • TODO: Wiki page (possibly add to existing wiki page)



Java tools etc

Chapters about the tools which come with your JDK installation (java, javac, jar, etc) and related Java tech stuff.

Book companion - TBD

We might add some extra reading material here.