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More programming with Java

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This book is a work in progress

This book is being written and is not yet completed. Feel free to dive in and start reading anyway. Of course all feedback is welcome by the Authors.


This book is a follow-up to our first book on Java, Programming with Java. It can be used for self-studies, or as course literature for a second Java course (a course which would follow an introductory Java course).

Regards from the authors: Rikard Fröberg and Henrik Sandklef

Before reading this book

Intended audience

Any one with basic knowledge of Java and programming, who wants to learn a little more about Java and some slightly more advanced topics.


This book assumes you have knowledge of the Java programming language and some experience from writing programs using Java. If you feel that you need to freshen up your Java knowledge before starting with this book, we recommend our first Java book, Programming with Java.

Chapters (Rough outline - subject to changes in the future)

  • First chapter

Book companion - TBD

We might add some extra reading material here.