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Numbers - how to write them

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We get quite a lot of questions from students regarding various prefixes like mega, giga, etc. What do they stand for? What symbol should we use?

It's rather easy to make mistakes with the symbols for the prefixes (and I'm sure you can find tons of such mistakes here on the wiki). But if you really want to know, we'll list a few here (and this time we'll be careful to make it right).

The SI system uses a lot of prefixes for unit quantities, and we'll present a few of them here:

What can happen if you get numbers wrong?

(SEK 3 181 million

Name Symbol Base 10 As a number Short scale name
peta P  1015 Template:Gaps  quadrillion
tera T  1012 Template:Gaps  trillion
giga G  109 Template:Gaps  billion
mega M  106 Template:Gaps  million
kilo k 103 Template:Gaps  thousand
hecto h 102 100  hundred
deca da 101 10  ten