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Pink Slip Challenge

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Why do most teachers never publish code? Why are most of us reluctant to publish code? Why does academia lock in their results behind paywalls? Well, we have some ideas on why. But let's skip this for now and focus on what this page should be about. We have published quite a lot of (Juneday stats) code at github. But almost everything is written and published as educational material. We've felt for a while that it is time to be more bold (we'll skip the beautiful part) and publish some useful code. We hope the code will be useful ut we also hope that our students will spend an aweful lot of time to attack, criticise and make public fun of the code and thereby us. We hope that you attack us in a way that gets us fired, i e we get the pink slip.

Pink Slip Challenges

#01 - ObjectCache and adhd


We've written a class ObjectCache in Java. This class can serialize objects to a memory and file and read them back, using Serializable. Together with this class you'll find ObjectCacheReader which can read and print a file with serialized data.

ADHD (Android Development Helper Doctor)

Often in our Android programming classes we find students that debug their database/SQL code on the device (emulated or physical). When asking them to work on the database locally (on the actual computer where they are developing) they think it is to hard to transfer the database from the device and check the database. ADHD was written to assist you working with database and serialized files.

Your challenge

Download and use:

Give feedback to us. We prefer the feedback to be public since this is more embarrasing for us, so use the bug tracker for the repos over at github.

.... we hope you'll find our ADHD useful.