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Software used

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About the software we use

We use Free Software / Open Source since we want to encourage our students to learn about and get used to using such software.

Preparing your computer

GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu)

Make sure your distribution is upgraded properly.

Debian, Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Fedora (and most likely RedHat)

sudo dnf update


Make sure you have updated your MacOS to the latest version.


Make sure you have updated your Windows to the latest version.

Installing our base software and (optionally) verify and install our material

You can download needed software and get all our material using a script. You can use this script in two ways.

Download script and execute

  1. Start up a terminal (i.e. launch cygwin).
  2. Download our boot strap script
     curl -o
  3. make the script executable
      chmod a+x
  4. and execute it (with verification - recommended)
    ./ --verify
    to skip verification, simply enter ./

Note: if you want to download all our source code from our books and set up your user environment you need to pass the option --full when executing the script:

./ --full

Execute from web

Type the following in a terminal:

curl | bash

Notes on the software


If the installation with the script above for some reason fails, remove the file apt-cyg (by typing rm /usr/local/bin/apt-cyg), make sure you have installed the additional cygwin packages (see above) and try again.

Install an updated list of all softwares used

Sometimes we add software packages to the list of programs to be installed. It is easy for you to get these packages as well. Just execute the following command (same as for installing for the first time):

$ curl -o

Note: this is the same command as when installing the packages in the first place.

Install software specific to the course material you're using

Our course material may have additional software that you need to install. Follow the instructions in thse books.

Prepared VirtualBox image

We have prepared a VirtualBox image with all our software and educational material pre-installed. You can download it here soon.